Sell My Home?.... But Where Can I Go?

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Yes now is a great time to Sell Your Home in Boston Metro and Beyond!  However, so many people claim in response: “I really want to sell my house, but I don’t know if I will find a place I’d love to live, especially in this market!”  

Here is my answer, I always recommend you consider 4 options to make this happen.

    1.  If you Sell First, you do have an average of 6-8 weeks between receiving an offer and closing to find your own home.  This may work well, but if not...

    2.  If you don’t want to rush, first sell your home, and then find a temporary rental either furnished or unfurnished.  I rented a townhouse in Hancock Village until I found the home I wanted.  If you chose this as your game plan, I would advise you to pack and label short-term and longer term boxes.  The short-term includes only necessities for a 3-12 month move and leave the remainder stored with your moving company. Find a moving company that allows this.  For me, it was actually very pleasant, and Hancock Village accepted 30 days notice at no penalty to cancel my lease!  You can also do a 3-6 month rental in a furnished apartment or room in a local inn or hotel.

    3.  Option 3 is you find your next home first and then immediately put your house on the market at a reasonable price.  Do not make the sale of your home a contingency of your buy; find another contingency such as a mortgage because a sale contingency scares sellers. In case the sale of your old home is scheduled to happen after your buy, you can get a bridge loan to buy your new home.  The only challenge with this solution is you must have the 3-5% down payment in your savings before selling your home.

    4.  Possibly the best or worst option is this… stay with a relative or friend who has ample room for you and your clan.